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Welcome To Mr. Tire - Locally owned & operated

Welcome to the home of Mr. Tire, the Upper Peninsula's premiere provider for all of your automotive needs, including tires, alignments, brakes and mechanical repairs. Opened in 1971, over time Mr. Tire established its slogan "if it is round, rubber and rolls, we got it." We carry an extensive selection of tires and our staff are experts with trailer tires and wheels, turf tires and even perform low profile tire installations. We offer complete tire and wheel services including tire pressure monitoring systems, computer spin balancing, rotations, wheel alignment and flat repairs. Our experienced state and ASE-certified mechanics can perform a variety of auto repairs to your vehicle's drivetrain, steering, suspension, brakes and electrical systems. We have four convenient locations in Escanaba, Iron Mountain and Marquette.

Mr. Tire's Winter Specials

Eco Products

Introducing Eco-Products

Eco-Products are Bridgestone brand tires designed for improved environmental performance.
The Eco-Product designation shows that the tires have:

  • Improved rolling resistance which helps increase fuel efficiency and reduce vehicles’ emissions.
  • Environmentally conscious materials, such as low- aromatic oil, silica technology, and recycled materials.

And have one or more of the following characteristics

  • Reduced tire weight which conserves resources.
  • Longer lasting tread, which increases tire life and conserves resources
  • Lower-noise technology.

Product Lines

  • Ecopia EP422
  • Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia
  • Dueler A/T REVO2
  • Turanza Serenity Plus
  • Destination LE2


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