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Pump SipesPocket-like sipes remove water off the road surface, ensuring stable and sure grip. The increased volume of the patented pump sipes and the large number of zigzag sipes further improve grip on wet and icy surfaces
Cryo-Crystal ParticlesMicroscopic eco-friendly particles work like built-in studs, significantly shortening stopping distance
Grip ClawsLocated between the tread blocks to improve grip on snow and ice, while braking and accelerating
Slush ClawsTo prevent slush-planing, sharp triangle-shaped slush wedges were designed on the critical shoulder area and provide optimal grip even in thick slush, and prevent the accumulation of slush between the tread blocks
Sipe ActivatorsA wider sipe opens up a narrower one and creates additional grip in situations where the feel for the road is nearly non-existent
Driving Safety Indicator and Winter Safety Indocator (DSI, WSI)As the tire wears, the DSI fades, allowing you to quickly and accurately check tread depth. WSI: once the snowflake has worn out, the driver should purchase new tires to ensure winter driving safety
Environmentally FriendlySustainability is as important as safety; Nokian Tyres uses only low-aromatic, purified oils in production
Severe Service EmblemExceeds the new government standard for tire performance in harsh winter conditions
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